Italian democracy and mafia: the divorce only on paper

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Two Sicilian anti-mafia magistrates, Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino, killed by the mafia in 1991 and 1992, who are joking around with each other. Copyright by the Unione Italiana Forense di Napoli – Piazza Cenni – Nuovo Palazzo di Giustizia – All the copyrights are reserved –



2th of June 1946. Through the universal suffrage and a historic referendum, the Italian population voted the Republic as a form of government. It was the beginning of a Copernican revolution which would have changed the fate of our nation for the long time oppressed and slaved by the Austrian and French dominations in the North of peninsula, and by the Arabian, Spanish and French colonizers in the South, only to quote the invasions of the last five hundred years. That date was memorable. After the devastating series of violence and murders, perpetrated by Nazi-Fascism in Europe which mowed down an incalculable number of victims, Italy rose again and decided its future.

Yet, our democracy is still limping and stressed. Tenterhooks in its flesh kill it. In 1991 and 1992 the Sicilian mafia, the “Cosa Nostra”, started one of the darkest two-years period of our Republic, called the “massacre period”, in which two magistrates, Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino, who were investigating about the relationship between entrepreneurs and mafia in Sicily, were killed cruelly. At the Ucciardone prison, in Palermo, a part of “Cosa Nostra” bosses, watching at T.v. the images of the “slaughter of Capaci” in which the magistrate Falcone, his wife and three bodyguards lost their life thanks to 4oo kilograms of explosive placed at the A 29 highways, exulted. After the Falcone’s death, in 1991, Borsellino granted an interview to the journalist Lamberto Sposini, referring to the Falcone’s massacre, repeated an Antonino Cassarà (a policeman)’s sentence: “We are cadavers who are walking”, showing the awareness about the risk that he would have run, continuing his investigations. When Sposini asked him what was the feeling after the loss of a friend and a colleague, Borsellino replied that, in the beginning, he felt a lake of “enthusiasm”. But, after, he “recovered the rage to start again” Falcone’s work. One year later 90 remoted controlled kilograms of explosive will have weakened the Borsellino’s courage while he was visiting his mother on Sunday morning. At a later stage, various informers’ led the public prosecutor’s office of Caltanissetta to open a new paper trail, accusing Silvio Berlusconi, and the leader of Berlusconi’s party (Forza Italia) in Sicily, Marcello Dell’Utri, to have participated to the two massacres of magistrates. Later, the evidence collected during the case did not confirm the prosecution.

Thanks to a vast range of mafia bosses’ wiretappings and “pizzini” (little papers through which mafia is used to communicating, papers found sometimes in the Holy Bible pages too) and the informers’ admissions, the Falcone’s and Borsellino’s death instigators were found and sentenced. But mafia does not die. It changes only the mask. The series of inquiries about the contracts of Mose (so named dam, built to preserve Venice from the high water problem), of Expò (the international exhibition about food and environment), of Mafia Capitale (the massive mafia infiltration into the the public funding concession to the treatment of immigrants, drug addicts, gipsy communities, into the public tender for some works in Rome) have revealed the inextricable collusion between Italian stakeholders, represented by right, center and left-wing politicians and businessmen, and public institutions, a networks of illegal favours exchange. There have been other new wiretappings two days ago. This time, directed to another Sicilian magistrate, Nino Di Matteo. “250 kilograms of explosive are waiting for him”, according to the bugged mafia’s threat. Replying to Fabio Fazio journalist’s question “Do you fear after having heard these words?”, Di Matteo answered: “Passion for the truth and dignity orient my job”.

Mafia did not collaborate with the State. Mafia is the State. In 2013 the ex-President of the Italian Republic, Giorgio Napolitano, refused to publish his tappings, regarding the inquiry about the relationship between State and mafia, obliging the magistrature to destroy the record.

History is a cycle. Interrupting it is difficult. Talking about corruption is an efficient way to stop the vortex of mafia power. It is a lifeblood for our democracy. Broking the chains of ignorance, so deep-rooted in a moral value illiterate Italy without education, respect, fair, is essential. “The blood of righteous people is a seed”, a woman cried during Falcone’s public funeral.

Today, 2th of June 2015, no air force acrobatics in the air of Rome, no pompous celebrations with gussied up soldiers, no fireworks. Not for me. Oblivion is neither saleable nor purchasable. The death of two heroes is the defeat of the desire to fight. It is an offence to the partisans who fought Mussolini ‘s squadrons to our Founding Fathers whose holy blood still water the green grass of our cities. Sorry Giovanni and Paolo, for not have defended you.