• Course of “Reportage and naturalistic photography”. 2011-12.

• Course of “Basic technical elements of photography”. 2012-13.

• Now underway the course “Female photography: when a photography becomes a social revolution“. The course has as an aim the analysis of aesthetic modalities through which five different female photographers, Julia Margaret Cameron, Claude Cahun, Cindy Sherman, Francesca Woodman and Margaret Bourke-White made a subversion of cultural and social values system, raising doubts about the traditional photographic codes. Showing the most significant works of each photographers, I would like to demonstrate how and how much the aesthetic photographic innovations are vehicles of the progressive enfranchisement from the social subalternity and represent an artistic and civil freedom intellectual weapon and a sexual identity indipendence tool.

• Collective exhibition at the Kulturmagazinet, Sundsvall, Sweden. May 2016.